Iron Deficiency - How much Iron do you need?

Iron Deficiency

Anaemia is the clinical term used when somebody doesn’t have enough functioning red blood cells in their body. This leads to a lack of oxygen being transported around the body. As such, an anaemic person feels fatigued and lazy, unmotivated and can even feel dizzy, especially when standing up quickly. Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anaemia in the world, as iron is one of the most important building blocks for red blood cells.

Australia reports rates of anaemia of almost 1 in 5 people and this number is even higher in women of reproductive age and children. Iron deficiency is also extremely common in those who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet, as leafy greens, nuts, lentils and beans contain “non-heme” iron which is more twice as hard for us to absorb.  

Luckily there are many iron supplements available. Ferrograd C is the brand pharmacists recommend due to the added vitamin C which helps your body absorb the iron. Liquids can also be better tolerated in some patients.  If you think you may be iron deficient, come in and speak to the pharmacist today.

Disclaimer: Overtreatment with iron can incur adverse effects and supplements should only be taken with advice from a health care professional. If worried, the safest way to check iron levels is with a blood test at your local GP.

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